The very first IFF 3v3 World Floorball Championships (3v3 WFC) will be played in Lahti, Finland 11th – 12th May 2024 in conjunction with the Women’s U19 World Floorball Championships. The 3v3 WFC will be played in the same venue – Lahti Sports & Fair Centre.

A maximum of 48 teams (24 Men and 24 Women) will be accepted. If a maximum of 24 teams registered in one gender is not reached then it may be allowed to increase the number of registered teams in the other gender, up to a total maximum of 48 teams.

Registrations will only be accepted from National Associations, and each association may register two (2) teams for each gender. Registrations will be accepted according to the criteria set in the 3v3 WFC 2024 Competition Regulations. Registration period is open until 8th of March 2024.

According to the IFF Licence System, it is compulsory to pay the participation fee and be without debts to IFF, or have an approved pay-off plan, at the time of registration. Registrations from countries that do not meet these requirements will NOT be accepted. Participation fee is 300 CHF per registered team*.

Each team may include up to 10 players (8 court players + 2 goalkeepers) plus 2 team officials.

The 3v3 WFC will be played according to the IFF 3v3 WFC 2024 Rules of the Game.

*If registering two teams, the participation fee of only one team should be paid with the registration. Only when confirmation of the second team registration is accepted will payment for that team be required.

See the original post on the International Floorball Federation’s website – here.

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