The U19 Floorball World Championships will take place from 8 to 12 May 2024, at the Lahti Sports and Fair Center. Laitex Oy, a family-owned business, is one of the key partner in this event.

Laitex Oy, a family-owned business and a leading provider of industrial material handling equipment, solutions and life cycle services based in Lappeenranta, Finland, has always been deeply committed to responsible business practices. Central to Laitex’s values is the promotion of equality across all facets of life. Laitex Oy actively supports sports, particularly women’s sports, and is a partner with organizations such as Saipa Floorball and Pesä Ysit, as well as sponsoring Finnish national team star player Miisa Turunen. Now Laitex Oy starts the collaboration to the U19 Women’s World Floorball Championships 2024.

-Our company has a long-standing history of supporting women’s and girls’ sports. Gender equality is very important to us. While significant progress has been made in various sectors of society in recent years, there is still much work to be done. We want to play our part in assisting women and girls in pursuing their sporting dreams, states Lasse Kurronen, CEO of Laitex Oy and the former head coach of Women’s National Team of Finland, and continues:

-It’s always great when the World Floorball Championships are played in Finland. Most of our partnerships focus on South Karelia, and we want to be a strong local supporter and promoter of activities and vitality. Now, however, a great opportunity has presented itself to jump into top sports as well, and we want to see if we can
make an impact.

The company’s motto, “Flow Must Go On” encapsulates the belief in the relentless pursuit of progress and the unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles. This ideology is also strongly part of the World Championship partnership, which will recognize and reward outstanding players. A “Flow Must Go On” player embodies resilience, fighting spirit, and selfless dedication to team success. Laitex Oy aims to inspire everyone to pursue their dreams in sports and beyond, irrespective of age, nationality, or gender.

-Equality and diversity themes are significant to us, and they are also emphasized in partnerships. We want to create together a movement that fosters well-being, joy, and success, says Mikko Aikko, Sales and Development Director of the Finnish Floorball Federation, and continues:

-It’s wonderful and meaningful to have Laitex Oy join our one of the most significant sports event of the year, also in the longer term. The values and warmth of a Finnish family business are evident in the fact that Laitex will remember all mothers arriving at the finals event on Sunday, May 12, with a rose greeting in honor of Mother’s Day.

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