The U19 World Championships are held in Lahti from May 8th to 12th. The matches are now in the semifinals. In addition to the games, the event offers plenty of other activities for all ages. We adhere to the principles of a safe space, and there is a harassment contact person at the Championships.

Elina Anttonen serves as the harassment contact person at the U19 World Championships. The harassment contact person assists in situations where someone experiences discrimination, bullying, harassment, or other unwanted behavior. Issues are resolved together, and the harassment contact person is available to all tournament guests and staff.

-We hope that everyone attending the Championships takes a moment to consider their behavior from the perspective of being respectful and kind to others. It is important that everyone can feel safe and secure, summarizes harassment contact person Elina.

The U19 World Championships are in full swing. The weekend program includes U19 WFC matches, 3v3 World Championships, SäbäkipinäSirkus as the activity area for the kids, seminars, and Eurovision night. Read more here.

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Picture: Hanhisuanto Markus

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