Lahti is recognized as a sports city that has gained fame, especially in winter sports. Internationally, Lahti is also known for its expertise in environmental issues, design, and high-quality cultural services. Next spring, floorball will dominate the city as Lahti hosts both the Finnish Cup final event in January and the U19 Women’s World Championships from May 8th to 12th.

The floorball events of the spring will be held at the Lahti Sports and Exhibition Center. The city’s cooperation provides these spring sporting events with top-class conditions, which are also easily accessible not only by car but also conveniently through public transportation from all around Finland.

-The World Championships fit excellently into the framework of Lahti. The Sports and Exhibition Center is renowned for major sports events and has been providing experiences for a hundred years. All activities will be under one roof, says Inkeri Määttä, Event Director at City of Lahti, and continues:

-The long continuum of prestigious competitions is an honor for us, and it’s wonderful to expand the variety of prestigious competitions held in Lahti. It’s a joy to have young elite athletes competing for the world championship title right here in Lahti.

Before the U19 Women’s World Championships in May, the floorball fever in Lahti starts in January with the Suomen Cup Final Four tournament. Floorball will bring stars and supporters to Lahti next spring from a total of 16 different countries around the world. The match schedule has been published and can be found here.

-Suomen Cup Final Four event offers a floorball-packed weekend in Lahti right from the beginning of year. The cooperation with the City of Lahti has been excellent. It’s also a rare treat to have all the tournament games and training facilities under the same roof, says Hanne Nyrönen, event manager of the Finnish Floorball Federation and U19 Women’s World Championships in Lahti.

The city warmly welcomes athletes, supporters, and floorball enthusiasts, offering not only top-tier sports but also additional activities both within and outside the arena, including urban culture and the splendid outdoor recreational opportunities of Salpausselkä. The organization of the World Championships collaborates closely with LAB University of Applied Sciences students concerning marketing and creating a memorable experience for the tournaments.

Sustainability will be a prominent theme at the spring sporting events. Lahti was the first Finnish city named the European Green Capital for 2021, and its sustainability strategy aims for a circular economy and carbon neutrality by 2025. The International Floorball Federation (IFF) will organize a sustainability seminar in conjunction with the World Championships in cooperation with the City of Lahti. Read more and sign up here.

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